Head of Ventures

Location: Bristol or cornwall
Salary: £55000-£65000 + Benefits
Call: 0117 321 0588
email: nick@redlandsearch.com

Purpose:    Lead this highly respected and rapidly growing Investment Management company's Ventures team supporting social enterprises preparing to raise capital. Building on our 15 year track record to connect capital with social enterprise. The Ventures team currently provides corporate finance consultancy and deal arranging services to approximately 10-12 high impact social enterprises each year and is often the inspiration for the development of new impact investment funds with the Funds team.

Reporting to:    CEO
Direct Supervisory Responsibility for:    (Senior) Investment Managers, Investment Analysts
Indirect Supervisory Responsibility for:    Investment Interns
Important Functional Relationships: 
(Internal):    CEO, CIO, Leadership Team; Funds Team; Central Team (Finance, HR, Risk & Compliance); Comms Team
(External):    Social Enterprise clients; Investors (particularly Angel Investor Network, social venture funds, social banks, financial planners); investment readiness grant funders (Social Investment business, Access Foundation, Power to Change); Associates

Key Function:  The Head of Ventures’ primary role will be to lead the Ventures team focused on supporting a number of social enterprises whilst they prepare for and raise the investment they need to scale their impact. Key responsibilities include advising senior teams on their business model, impact objectives, financial model, market, governance, investment structuring, and successfully executing finance raising for them.

The Role of Head of Ventures

Core responsibilities:

  • Leading and developing the Impact Investment Advisory and Deal Arranging business (Ventures)
  • Managing the Ventures team including recruiting, inducting and training the team to ensure consistent quality and impact-centric service for the social enterprises we support
  • Actively supporting the personal / professional development of members of the Ventures team
  • Overseeing the workflow of business including business selection and managing of project allocation
  • Overseeing and project managing the development and implementation of products and services that help the Ventures Team to efficiently and effectively support social enterprises
  • Representing the organisation and the Ventures team through public speaking and other profile raising activities
  • Developing new revenue streams that help us expand our reach to more social enterprises and investors wanting to engage directly with them
  • Instigating and lead the scoping of new opportunities within the framework set by the Product Development Sub Group – eg Standardised bond for small housing charities.
  • Contributing to the Strategic direction of the business as part of the Leadership Team
  • Liaising with the Investment Director to find symbiotic ways for Ventures services to re-inforce the work of the organisation's existing and planned funds and vice-versa
  • Leading by example on all aspects of corporate finance advisory work carried out by the Ventures Team including:
    • Business Development; sourcing and filtering new business opportunities
    • Specifying and agreeing with clients a programme of Investment Readiness work; supporting, where appropriate, an application for funding for this programme
    • Forming a project plan and a project team with clear delegation, milestones and target dates
    • Manage the project and the project team including taking responsibility for reporting internally, to the client (including invoicing) and any third party funder.
    • Taking the enterprise through the various quality ‘gates’ in the decision making with clients; client take-on, investment structure, investment pitch
    • Prepare for and manage the transition into Deal Arranging, including fully engaging with the regulatory framework and compliance process
    • Outline and execute an investment programme approaching, pitching to values aligned investors, working as appropriate with others in the team (Funds, Communications) and third party ‘platforms’ to ensure the investment opportunities reach sufficient values aligned investors to achieve a successful close
    • Negotiate and structure terms to achieve clear Heads of Terms with one or more investors
    • Support the social enterprise through investor due diligence
    • Manage the legal process for the social enterprise through to completion advising on any commercial issues raised.
    • Work with Impact & Communications team to capture learning and follow up.
  • Actively sharing the learning from deals across the Ventures and Funds team
  • Reporting to the Leadership team and board as appropriate.

Secondary responsibilities

  • To assist the Funds team to provide expertise pre and post-investment in social and community enterprises to help investees fulfil Conditions Precedents or Conditions Subsequent or other support as required. 
  • Stakeholder management - participate in meetings, conferences and events led or attended by key stakeholders or potential partners in the sector 
  • Support the development of new investor relationships and networks
  • Manage some key investor relationships.

Person specification

The Head of Ventures will play an important role in the development of the company’s Corporate Finance Advisory and Deal Arranging business and significantly contribute to its growing prominence in the sector.  The ideal candidate will therefore have relevant experience to be able to demonstrate the following skills and experience:

Key Strengths

This person will be:

  • A solutions finder; not one to give up at the first barrier but able to think creatively to identify and implement investment opportunities even if this requires modifications to the initial proposal
  • A team player; working with people in and outside of the organization to get the job done
  • Resilient; capable of maintaining motivation and focus despite set backs
  • Strategic with attention to detail; capable of seeing and communicating the big picture and translate that into specific actions
  • Strong on execution; able to bring together and orchestrate numerous moving pieces and drive things forward in order to get the deal done
  • Financially literate but socially motivated; not “in it for themselves” but still highly skilled in shaping financial solutions to best fit the social goals of client enterprises
  • Self starter but capable of bringing people along with them
  • Empathetic in seeing the other side of the story and yet also holding people to account 

Essential experience and skills: 

  • Desire to help address social issues through impact investment
  • Fully subscribes to the organisation's vision, mission and values
  • Experience in social investment either from the social enterprise perspective or from the investor side (if very hands on experience) including deal structuring, executing and ongoing management 
  • Experience of structuring and arranging a wide range of investments including both equity and debt instruments
  • Experience of managing the production and execution of legal documents on a variety of investment structures
  • Ability to process and break down investment proposals, analyse risk and recommend decisions on investment suitability
  • Ability to understand, interpret and advise on business and financial strategy within the context of a values-led enterprise
  • Commercial acumen and ability to creatively source investment opportunities suitable for investors’ criteria
  • Strong financial modeling skills
  • Experience in the implementation of systems and performance measurement processes
  • Knowledge and understanding of the FCA, and the role of other financial service regulators (the candidate will need to be capable of becoming an FCA Approved Person, CF30, during the probation period of the contract)
  • Excellent verbal and written communication and presentation skills 
  • Exceptional influencing and interpersonal skills; able to adapt to different audiences (e.g. investors, investees, peers, partners and the public) and to build effective relationships
  • Able to prioritise work towards clear goals and performance targets
  • Able to work independently and demonstrate initiative and tenacity in seeing tasks or projects through to conclusion
  • Thorough and detailed approach to organising work and maintaining accurate records
  • Highly professional and ethical approach in representing the company and marketing its products
  • Willing to travel within the UK and work with colleagues in multiple locations using appropriate communications technology
  • Enthusiasm to work in an entrepreneurial and innovative environment


  • Educated to degree standard
  • Other relevant professional qualification
  • Prior registration with FCA as an Approved Person
  • Knowledge of social enterprise sector
  • Knowledge of social investment sector
  • Experience of taking organisations through an Initial Public Offering on a regulated exchange
  • Knowledge of social impact measurement frameworks