Body Language in an Interview

As a follow up to our previous Blog post on interview advice, here are some pointers that you should be looking at ahead of any interview, and, in some cases before you have started your job search.

In no particular order:

There's a TED talk that I'll post the link to at the end of this paragraph that has changed the way a lot of people think about body language in the interview situation. We all know that you convey an impression with the way you are sitting, how you are with eye contact, and whether or not you are fiddling with your hands/hair/pen, but did you know that you actually affect your own hormonal balance with your own body language? Me neither. 

TED: Body Language Shapes Who You Are

And while we're at it, let's not forget about how we're dressed, which, although not strictly body language, is at least linked to the same thing.

Unless you are going for a fashion designer role, then our simple advice is this: make it forgettable. 

The most memorable outfits that a hiring manager will be able to recall candidates wearing are more often than not those that are bad fits, poor choice of colours, or just too much going on.

Here's another link that covers what to wear in a more detailed <ahem> fashion: 

What to wear in an interview

Don't forget about the handshake. A ‘wet fish’ handshake can leave a lasting impression.

Remember: Not too hard, not too soft and never wet.

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And have a look at this document < GET HIRED > that puts the entire approach to interviewing and job search into hilarious perspective.

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