5 Ways to get noticed on Linkedin


Latest figures show that over 380 million people worldwide use LinkedIn, and in the UK it is one of the most established business networking tools we have. However, if you want it to work for you there are some simple ways to ensure you are getting noticed. Whether you are looking for a new job, keen to network or become a thought-leader the tips below will help raise your profile.

1. Spend time writing a detailed profile.

Include information about what you actually do, as well as your job title. Sell yourself, tell the world how important your job is and what fantastic skills you have. Include extra information, such as languages, volunteering and any key facts like a willingness to relocate

2. Join groups!

Keep it professional but join groups that could help you connect with interesting peers or leaders in your industry, or recruiters if you are looking for new opportunities. There are lots of groups out there, but focus on the ones that are specific to your profession, industry and location – you will be made aware of opportunities to network, job vacancies and market intelligence.

3. Have something to say…

It takes a couple of seconds to share an interesting article or comment on something you’ve read. LinkedIn isn’t Facebook – no one needs to know what you had for breakfast; but by sharing something relevant and professional you will get noticed.

4.  Use a professional profile PHOTOGRAPH

Don’t post your favourite selfie from Saturday night, or a picture of you and your dog. If you have a professional photograph through work use that for a consistant approach, if not ask a colleague to take a decent shot on their phone. Just lose the pout!

5.  Respond quickly.

If you receive a message through LinkedIn and it is of interest to you, respond ASAP. The recruitment market is moving quickly at the moment so don’t miss the boat by not checking your messages.