5 Tips for a Smooth Move

For some of us the decision to relocate happens almost overnight. Working from home, or running your own business can make the big move easier to manage. However the thought of selling up, finding a new home, maybe schools, as well as finding a new job can make relocation feel almost impossible even if all the motivating factors are in place.

So where do you start? It feels like a chicken and egg situation; do you put the house on the market and look for a job or vice versa? What if the house sells but no suitable job is out there? Is renting always the best option in a new city?

It is a minefield and no doubt one of the most stressful situations to find oneself in. But with a few deep breaths and our top tips below, your move can all fall into place.

1.       Spend time in your new town or city.

Bring the entire family for a weekend to your preferred town or city. Use Air BnB or hire a serviced apartment for the weekend. Live as you would if you were a resident and allow your family to get a feel for the different neighbourhoods, parks, restaurants etc. Spend at least two nights.

2.       Contact local estate agents personally

We all have hundreds of property apps, and it’s brilliant for keeping an eye on your dream house but not all properties even make it online. In desirable areas local, trusted estate agents keep a list of potential buyers and often the best properties are sold instantly. Locals will have an advantage here over relocators but you can build relationships over the phone or when you are visiting.

3.       Use any local contacts

Unless you are moving to the middle of nowhere it is likely that you will have a contact you can call upon. Even if it feels a little random, your cousin’s mate from Uni or someone you once met via a mutual friend…don’t worry. Get in touch!! They will give you invaluable advice and give you a feel for an area that you won’t get on line. Even if you don’t know them well, a mutual connection could become a firm and very helpful friendship.

4.       Speak to recruiters

Even if you don’t have concrete plans to relocate it is worth speaking to specialist, experienced, local recruitment agents. Relying on consultants to ‘pass your details to another office’ probably won’t cut it. Local recruiters can give you an overview of the market in your sector and/or skill area. A good recruiter, who knows their market, will be on the ball enough to remember you and track you down if an opportunity that is too good to miss comes up!!

5.       Call Go West!

If you are heading down the M4 or M5 to set up a new life, then you need to call Go West Careers. We’ve made the move from London ourselves, and can give you the lowdown on anything from where to live, which schools to consider, where to eat and drink and perhaps most importantly we can find you a job too! Our clients know that we have access to more re-locaters than our competitors so we know about the best opportunities. We also understand what an enormous decision you are making, so we won’t try and rush the process!